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mom and dad holding newborn baby boy in their home baby photo session

I am a Cape May Newborn Photographer specializing in lifestyle photography in the comfort of your own home.

My husband and I cannot put a value on how much these photos mean to us. We are so happy we decided to have Lovecake photography there to capture these precious moments! These photos will forever be cherished and will be given to our little miracle when he is grown so he can also experience the day he made his grand entrance. Annemarie was professional and made me feel completely comfortable during this exciting yet stressful time! Highly recommend everyone considers having her there to also capture their little miracles! 
baby fingers and toes
Heather T
Mother of 2

Why is newborn photography important?

Newborn photos cannot be recreated. They are once in a lifetime moments that you can never get back. Babies change by the day and before you know it they are growing bigger and entering new stages. That’s why we want to freeze time for just a short while so that you can remember these moments for a lifetime.


We know you’re tired.


We get it! We’ve been in your position only a few years ago.


But, this is exactly why you should have these moments to look back on and treasure. These are important because the first few weeks can be such a blur.


Why should you have an in-home newborn session?

Comfort and convenience. There’s no rushing around or having to pack everything up. These things can get tricky and overwhelming fast with a family or brand new baby. There’s no forgetting an extra bottle or change of clothes. Everything is easily accessible. Capturing everyone exactly as they are where they are most comfortable.

A more relaxed environment in your own space especially for younger children. Children have all their favorite things easily accessible and can come and go as they please. This makes your photo shoot much easier.

Your home is where your stories are told so they will be reflected in your photos. One day the crib will be put away, the chair where you spent so many bonding moments on while you sang them their favorite lullaby as you rocked them to sleep will be sold or thrown away. Nursery decor will change as they get older. These are the details that make your in home newborn session unique. And 10 years from now when you are reminiscing over the photos it will evoke those special little memories and prompt more bonding moments as you tell your children stories about when they were little.



What is the difference between a posed newborn session and an in home lifestyle newborn session?

An in home lifestyle baby session is more relaxed no props no backdrops no posing. We focus on the little sentiments, connection and emotion. We aim to tell your story. A posed newborn session is where the baby is in outfits, props and poses. We know that in studio newborn sessions are very trendy right now but our goal is to tell your story so you can show your children 20 years from now. 


In home newborn session process


client looking a newborn session gallery through zoom


custom photo album for newborn photo shoot


behind the scenes photo of lovecake photography during a newborn session


in home newborn session including all the images
The kids won't always be this little but we will always have these memories to treasure.
baby looking at the camera
Megan L.
Mother of 2

Lifestyle In Home Newborn Session Pricing

$800 includes:

Planning time.

Access to client closet (see more dresses here)

Up to 2 hours in your home lifestyle session

Online gallery to include all of your images

8×8 photo album

What makes us different from other photographers?

We are the only Cape May maternity specialist that also offers a client closet to all of our clients. Why spend the extra money on a dress you will only wear once when we do it for you. We have taken the work out of it for you. We’ve researched and compared different brands. We take into account things like stitching, where the seams lay and how the fabric stretches, yes, these things are important! This is why we only carry high quality fabrics and designs, to ensure each mama is confident, comfortable and looks like a goddess. We also feel that you deserve all of your photos because no moment with your baby is too small. We also believe your photos should be printed, cherished and seen! Every client also goes home with an album to be able to flip through during the holidays and remember all of those precious moments all over again.

Check out our client closet here!

new mom holding her baby while wearing a baby blue dress

When should you have your in home newborn session?

The ideal time for your in home newborn session is the first two weeks before baby really starts changing, and man do they do that fast! You want things like their little fingers and toes, the umbilical cord, and those little baby rolls. Baby is still sleepy during this time which is perfect for being snuggly and capturing those little details. 

wrapped baby photos
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About us

Lovecake Photography is a shore photographer that specializes in in home newborn photography and services Cape May, Brigantine, Cape May Courthouse, Wildwood, Sea Isle, Stone Harbor, Avalon, Strathmore, Corset’s inlet, Dennis Twp, Upper Twp, Fairfield, Woodbine, Palermo, Marmora, Ocean City, Somers point, Longport, Egg Harbor Twp, Cumberland, Weymouth, Bridgeton, Vineland, Margate, Atlantic City and more.